Oak Island Ammunition has sponsored major shooting sport events such as the 2014 IPSC World Shoot and more!

Sponsored Shooters.

Dylan Ervin is a USPSA Master class shooter. He holds State and Sectional USPSA and ISSA titles. Aside from shooting Dylan enjoys making entertaining short films for Instagram and encouraging other shooters.

John A. Rodriguez started shooting at 4yrs old with my dad. He was not into competition shooting. So most of my life I have been a hunter and a recreational shooter. 4 years ago, I decided to start coming out to shoot competitions. I learned the ropes really quickly, worked really hard, and practice every day. I was willing to sacrifice everything in my life to succeed. I’m still learning everyday and teaching others everyday. My highlights of my shooting career are: Finishing in 35th place on my first major 3gun match at 2014 uspsa area 6 multi gun. I follow that with a 32th place at Atlanta 3gun championships as my second match. In most of the major matches I attend I score in the top 40% of all competitors. I Will continue to grow in the shooting sport. Thanks to great sponsor like Zenith firearms and Oakisland Ammunition. which saw potential in me. I am proud to be part of team!!